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    Enter a keyword or several keywords connected with "and" and "or". Example: "cariboo and parks".
    Use a few different variations. Example: a)"fly and fishing" b)"flyfishing"
    Try singular and plural. Example: "trail and trails"
    Connect two important ideas. Example: "hiking and camping"

  2. Don't Show documents older than days old.
    Leave this empty to get all documents available.

  3. Display at most results
  1. Use Case Sensitive Searching

  2. Use Substring Matching
    Example: the query "mail" will return "mail" and "email"

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    You can narrow your search to look in areas of the BC Adventure Network that will return the best results. This may speed up your search if you know the area you wish to search.

  4. Push this to clear this form and reset all options to their default.

This searchable archive was implemented with the IBP search engine .

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